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Gain Wealth And Prosperity With Lakshmi Kubera Puja

Kuber Puja gains wealth and evade different financial problems

According to Vedic Astrology, Laksmi Kubera Puja is responsible for gaining prosperity and wealth. The puja helps in fast recovery of debts, gratify deity of prosperity and wealth. Laxmi is the goddess of prosperity, wisdom, wealth, fertility, courage, generosity and represents charm, grace and beauty. As per Veda, it protects devotees from wealth-related sorrows and misery. You will find reference of Sri or Lakshmi in different Jain monuments and literature. The name Lakshmi is derived from Laks or laksa that means objective or aim. Thus, she is the goddess who helps in achieving objective and brings prosperity to the life of human beings..

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Celebrate The Festival Of Dussehra With Great Pomp And Splendor

Annual Festival Of Pomp And Grandeur

Dussehra is one such Hindu festival, celebrated with great fervor and grandeur all over the country. The festival marks the victory of the good over the forces of the evil. But that is not all. The inherent connotation of the festival indicates the triumph of the positive forces over the negative forces as well as the prevailing of good senses over the evil ones. The nomenclature for this unique festivity derives reference from the Sanskrit term Dasha-hara, which signifies the ten-headed Ravana. By the lunisolar calendars of the Hindus, Dussehra is celebrated in the Hindu month of Aswin, on the tenth day. Moreover, the celebration of this festivity marks the end of a nine-day long war with the victory of the good over evil.

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Shradh Puja :16th September to 30th September 2016

Perform The Shraddh puja For Tranquil Afterlife Of Departed Souls

The remembrance of the most precious ones in your life is of great importance. After the sad demise of your dear ones, the performance of Shraddh is a prime requisite. By performing the rites of this ritual, you will be praying for the tranquility of the departed souls. Moreover, this ritual emits positive energy and renders useful assistance to the departed souls on their eternal journey after death. Primarily, after the sorrowful demise of a person, the Shraddh or puja is performed on pitru paksh. Post the yearly period, one can perform the ritual once in a year.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Is Celebrated With Immense Zeal And Grandeur

Idol and its significance

Traditional stories state that Lord Ganesha was the son of Goddess Parvati, who is Lord Shiva’s consort. Parvati breathed life into Vinayaka by using sandalwood paste. Legends elaborate that Ganpati refused entry to Lord Shiva inside the premises where Parvati was staying. This infuriated Shiva and what followed was a battle between Ganapati and Shiva’s followers. Ganesha defeated every Ganas of Shiva as he is Shakti’s incarnation. Even after Saptarshis and Narada had failed to appease the child, Lord Indra with his army waged war against Ganapati, who were promptly defeated. This further angered Shiva, who in a fit of rage, severed Ganesha’s head. However, this angered Parvati and to appease her, Shiva assured that Ganesha will be alive. The devas found a dead elephant’s head that was then fixed on Ganapati’s body. Shiva announced that the child would be known as Ganesha, which means Lord of Ganas.

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Shri Krishna Janmashtami Birthday of Lord Krishna 25th August 2016

The festival of Holi is held in the month of February every year. It is also known as the festival of colors where people color each other with the help of dry colored powders or colored water. It is also called the festival of love where people forget their enmities and rebuild their relationships with each other. The end of winter and the arrival of spring are welcomed by Hindus all over the world through this festival. The festival has spread among other communities also and also to other countries like Europe and North America where everybody enjoys the proceedings greatly.

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Pray To Lord Venkateshwara The Protector In Kaliyug

The Blessings of Lord Venkateshwara

Lord Venkateswara is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Venkateswara has made his abode at seven hills to protect the mankind from the miseries of the Kalyug. As per the Hindu mythology, the creator dissolves his creation at the end of his night. The entire time span for which the creation exists is divided into four periods Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. Of the four periods, Kalyug is the worst when all evil forces take controls. Luckily the total of the four periods spans 43.4 billion years. The Shesnag is the thorn and the his hood is the umbrella over Lord Venkateswara. At the far end of the Dwapar era, the Rishis were performing Yajna, but who will receive the fruits remain undecided. So, Bhrigu set out to find the best among the Trinities of Hindu gods. Bhrigu has one advantage; he had a third eye on his foot. Bhrigu visited the abodes of the Brahma and the Shiva and found them wanting. He then visited the Vishnu and found him in meditation and totally ignoring the sage. Enraged sage kicked Vishnu in the chest, Vishnu woke up and apologized to Bhrigu for hurting his foot and massaged his foot to squash the extra eye out. Laksmi took it as an insult and left Baikuntham and start meditating at Kolhapur. Vishnu set out to search Laksmi disguises as Srinivasa and reached the seven hills and start meditating. A cow and a calf given by Laksmi used to provide food and nourishment to Srinivasa. A Cowherd sees this stuck the cow with his baton, but the blow struck Srinivasa instead enraged Lord cursed the king for the cruel act of his subject. The king pleads mercy and Srinivasa said to condone his sin he will take his next birth as Akasaraja and must arrange the marriage of her daughter with Srinivasa. Accordingly Srinivasa married Padamavati daughter of Akasaraja and returned to Tirumala hills. Lakshmi hearing the news reached Tirumala to get an explanation from Srinivasa. Srinivasa seeing Laksmi and Padamavati turned himself to a stone statue. Lord Brahma and Shiva explained that it is lord’s desire to stand by his devotees and disciples to protect them throughout the Kalyug. Srinivasa is Lord Venkateswara, and Laksmi stays on the left and Padamavati at the right of his heart..

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Kal Sarpa Shanti and Nag Panchami Puja 07 August 2016

Kal Sarpa Shanti and Nag Panchami Puja

All planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, it is considered to be Kal sarpa yoga. According to Indian astrology, there are many types of Kal Sarpa yoga are there. Some one having a Kal sarpa Yoga in the horoscope faces different kinds of problems and instability in the life, mental disturbance etc. This vidhi done by Vedic procedure is very effective although very simple. There is a special pooja to be done to get rid of obstacles. Kal Sarp Puja is done to remove the kal sarp dosha yoga in someone’s horoscope. The real meaning of kal is death, if there is kaal sarp dosha in someone’s birth charts the person suffers from the eath like situation throughout his life. The Kaal Sarp dosha is created when all the planets fall between Rahu and Ketu. As it is very much clear that the Kal sarp Yoga has many ill effects so it is very important to perform the Kal sarp Yagya to reduce or remove the harmful effects of Kal Sarp Dosha in your birth charts. If there is Kal Sarp Yoga in someone’s horoscope it has its effects till the age of 30 to 47 and in some cases it is for the lifetime. The person suffers from mental stress, disturbances in mind and hurdles in accomplishing any projects. So, it is very much significant to perform the Kal Sarp Yagya..

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