Overcome Difficulties with Blessings of Lord Shani Dev

Saturday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shani Dev and seek His divine blessings. Lord Shani Dev or Planet Saturn is the son of Surya Dev and Chhaya and the brother of Lord Yama, the God of death.

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Overcoming Obstacles With The Blessings Of Lord Ganesha

The Blessings of Lord Ganesh

Ganapati or Ganesha is one of the most important gods of Hindu pantheon. He is commonly known as the elephant God due to his elephant head. And he is widely known as the remover of obstacles. He is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva and is the brother of Karthikeyan. He was created by his, mother from a mold of earth that took a shape of a small boy. Mythology has it that Ganesha had the head of a boy before it was chopped off by the demons summoned by lord Shiva due to some misunderstanding created. Later when lord Shiva found out he ordered a new head for the boy. And the first animal head that was found was that of an elephant and so Ganesha gained a new head and emerged as the most distinctive of the Hindu gods..

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Matsya Jayanti: The appearance of the goldfish who was eight million miles long

Is it easy for you to believe that the tiny goldfish which is liked by children and grown-ups too can swim for 432 years? Impossible, isn't it? The average life span of a goldfish is somewhere between 10 and 20 years. The distance traversed by a goldfish during such a short duration of its lifetime is hardly a few kilometres. Have you heard of the goldfish who swam across the length and width of the ocean of inundation not for 4 or 3 or 2 years but for 4.32 billion years? Let us now know the story behind that goldfish.

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Gudi Padwa: Navina Varsa (New Year) of Maharashtra

“Maharashtra hai maha maha” is a very catchy line from an advertisement released by Incredible India to promote Maharashtra tourism. True to its name, this maha maha state celebrates festivals with much pomp and gaiety. With so much of splendour and fun surrounding the festivals, Marathi New Year has to be a really special one! People of Maharashtra leave no stone unturned in making the Marathi New Year really memorable!

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Ugadi: The Traditional New Year, Telugu And Kannada Style

A small bird sits on a tree and sings merrily to its heart content. We imitate the little bird but it responds in an assertive way to prove itself to be the better singer. Remember playing (singing) with the cuckoo on the branch of a raw mango tree filled with beautiful fresh blossoms? We all have played that game! This sweet little friend makes an appearance in the month of Chaitra and announces the advent of the Kannada/Telugu New Year.

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Ganesha – The remover of Obstacles

Lord Ganesha is revered as the Lord of beginnings as he is the remover of obstacles. He is the patron of learning, intellect, wisdom and also known as Ganapti or Vighneshwara. Ganesha the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati mounts on a mouse and is having an elephant head.

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Why you should go to pilgrimage

There are many reason of why people go to pilgrimage sites. One obvious reason is travel adventure but many go for their devotional interest and wants to witness the miracles that happened in these places many centuries ago. Many holy places are mentioned in our holy books which confirms the sacredness of these places. It is believed that visiting pilgrimage gives utmost satisfaction and helps in seeking forgiveness of our sins.

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