Meena Sankranti

Sankranti or Sankramanam represents the orderly movement of Sun from one zodiac sign to the other. As there are 12 zodiac signs, there are 12 Sankrantis in the Hindu solar calendar. Meena Sankranti refers to the transition of the Sun from Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius) to Meena Rasi (Pisces). It is the twelfth Sankranti in a year and thus, the twelfth and the last month in the solar calendar begins on Meena Sankranti day.

San represents abundant and good and Kranti refers to radical change. Therefore, Sankranti implies plenty of good change.

Appropriate way to celebrate Meena Sankranti and its significance:

• Offer tarpan (with sesame seeds and water) to ancestors at sunrise.
• Worship Lord Surya and offer Surya Namaskara
• Recite Adita Hridayam Stotra
• Donating land, money and food to the poor on Meena Sankranti is considered highly meritorious.
• Donating money and kind to the learned brahmanas on Meena Sankranti attracts abundant blessings.

Additional Details:

• Meena Sankranti is also known as Mina Sankranti.
• It is one of the major festivals in Orissa.

This year, Meena Sankranti falls on 14th of March. A very happy Meena Sankranti to all of you from!

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