Lord Balaji: The Lord who specifically descended to bless, Sri Venkateshwara

It is said that when we take one step towards God, he takes ten steps towards us. But here is the Lord who took not just ten steps but several millions of steps from Vaikuntha (His transcendental abode) to come all the way down to Earth to bless and guide His devotees.

He is Sri Venkateshwara (also known as Balaji), wherein, vem stands for sins, kata translates to destruction and eshwara represents Lord. Thus implying that Lord Venkateshwara destroys the sins of His devotees.

Glories of Lord Venkateshwara:

He is also known as Srinivasa, as Sri stands for goddess Lakshmi and nivasa means the residing place. Lord Srinivasa is the residing place of goddess Lakshmi and thus, is known to grant virtues and riches to His devotees in addition to providing relief from the sins.

His right hand points towards His lotus feet while the left hand is akimbo to assure the devotees that the samsara sagara (the ocean of transmigration) is only knee-deep and is easy to cross over for the devotees who surrender to Him.

The following sloka from Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam (sung in the glory of Lord Venkateshwara to wake Him up) extols His kindness in descending from the Vaikuntha onto the Tirumala Hills.

“Sri-Vaikuntha-Viraktaya Svami-Puskarini-Tate, Ramaya Ramamanaya Venkateshaya Mangalam”


“May all auspiciousness be unto Sri Venkatesha Who, giving up His attachment to Sri Vaikuntha, sports gracefully with Lakshmi on the banks of the Swamipushkarini.”

Several Puranas (ancient Hindu scriptures) eulogize Lord Venkateshwara as the Lord of Kali Yuga (kalau venkata nayakah). He is known as Kali Yuga Varada, the boon-granting Lord of Kali Yuga.

The following sloka from Aditya Purana is worth noting.

“Venkatadri samam sthanam brahmande nasthi kinchana  Venkatesa samo devo na bhootho na bhavishyathi”


“In the entire universe, there is no sacred place equivalent to Venkatadri (Tirumala, the seven hills of Lord Balaji) and there is no God equivalent to Lord Venkateshwara neither in the past nor there will be in the future.”

The following mantra when recited thrice daily is known to please Lord Venkateshwara.


“Vina Venkatesham Nanatho Nanatha Sada Venkatesham Smarami Smarami Hare Venkatesha Praseeda Praseeda Priyam Venkatesha Prayachha Prayachha”


“O Venkatesha! There is no saviour other than You! I will always think of You and pray to You. May Venkatesha be pleased with me and bless me always!”

Venkateshwara Gayatri mantra:

The following is the Venkateshwara Gayatri mantra suitable for recitation by the people who are initiated by a guru into chanting of the Gayatri mantra:

“Nirnajanaya Vidmahe Nirapasaya Dheemahe Thanno Srinivasa Prachodayath”


“Let me meditate on the god who is the eternal truth. May He, who does not have attachments, give me higher intellect. And let Lord Srinivasa illuminate my mind.”

It is important to note that any mantra recitation generates immense energy and the same needs to be returned to the universe in the form of tarpan or in the form of blessings to the near and dear. The reciter can give away the energy to the universe through tarpan by reciting “tatsa brahmarpana mastu” at the end of the mantra recitation. One can also distribute the energy through rays by blessing the near and dear. Whenever the energy tarpan is performed to the universe, one receives blessings from the universe.

Appropriate way to worship Lord Srinivasa:

• Saturday is the best day to worship Lord Venkateshwara. Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn. The master of this planet, Shani Dev is known to inflict misery upon human beings for their past sinful activities. The worshippers of Lord Venkateshwara are freed from the sufferings inflicted by Saturn.
• It is best to keep a full-day or a half-a-day fast on Saturday and visit a temple of Lord Balaji to get rid of sins and to be blessed with virtues and riches.
• Also, it is advisable to offer simple worship with lamp, incense, Tulasi leaves and fresh flowers daily to the picture or deity form of Lord Venkateshwara.

May Sri Venkatachalapati, the lord of seven hills destroy all our sins and bestow upon us happiness, peace and prosperity. Prayers from OnlineTemple.com for all of you!

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