Ekadasi: The day empowered with Lord Vishnu's transcendental potency!

Once, in the Satya Yuga, there was a powerful demon named Mura, whose atrocities have created panic in the heavenly planets. The heavenly residents headed by Lord Indra approached Lord Vishnu to seek refuge. Lord Vishnu fought with Mura for one thousand celestial years and resigned to rest in Badarika-ashrama. The wicked Mura planned to kill Lord Vishnu while He was in His yoga nidra. At that moment, a beautiful young girl manifested from Lord Vishnu's effulgent body and slew the demon.

She was the transcendental potency of the Lord who appeared on the eleventh day of the waning moon and was thus, named as Sri Ekadasi Devi. Pleased with her service, Lord Vishnu granted her the boon that anyone who fasts on her day (Ekadasi) will be freed from all sins and will attain His transcendental abode.

Importance of observing the Ekadasi vrata:

In the Padma Purana, Lord Vishnu says, “Among all the plants, Tulasi is my favourite, among all the months, Kartika, and among all the days, Ekadasi is the most beloved.”

Ekadasi, also known as Hari Vasara (the day of Lord Hari) is celebrated on the eleventh day after the new moon day (waxing fortnight) and on the eleventh day after the full moon day (waning fortnight). The observance of Ekadasi vrata provides freedom from sinful reactions, bestows happiness, spiritual growth and ultimately liberation.

Please refer to our article on “Ekadasi: What to do and what not to do” for more insights into the observance of the Ekadasi vrata.

Stay tuned to OnlineTemple.com to know more about the significance of all the Ekadasis that appear in a year and receive the divine blessings of Lord Vishnu.

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