Kamada Ekadasi: Observe to fulfill all your wishes

The Ekadasi that occurs during the Shukla paksha (waxing phase of the moon) of the Chaitra month is believed to grant all the desires of the devotee who faithfully observes it. It is known as Kamada Ekadasi.

The glories of Kamada Ekadasi are mentioned in the Varaha Purana as described by Lord Krishna to King Yudhishtira. Earlier, the glories of Kamada Ekadasi have been described to King Dilipa by the sage Vashistha.

Glories of Kamada Ekadasi:

Long ago, the city of Ratnapura, under the rule of King Pundarika was inhabited by Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Apsaras. Lalit and Lalita were the talented singer and dancer Gandharva couple residing in Ratnapura. They were very attracted to each other and always thought about each other. One day, Lalit was singing alone in the court of King Pundarika. Due to this, he was constantly thinking of his wife Lalita. This affected his performance to a great degree and enraged the king. The king cursed Lalit to become a cannibal.

Lalita was heartbroken to see her husband's condition who as a cannibal was engaged in sinful activities. Upon the advice of sage Shringi, Lalita observed a fast on Kamada Ekadasi and gave the merit of fasting to her husband. Lalit was thus transformed into his previous form of a Gandharva singer upon the receipt of the merit gained by fasting on Kamada Ekadasi.

Significance of the observance of Kamada Ekadasi vrat:

• It destroys all the sins.
• It bestows the highest merit upon the one who fasts on this day.
• True to its name, all the desires of the faithful observer will be fulfilled.
• It is powerful enough to destroy the reaction of the sin of killing a brahmana.
• It purifies the consciousness and frees one from demoniac curses.

Appropriate way to observe Kamada Ekadasi vrat:

Please refer to our article, “Ekadasi: What to do and what not to do” to know about the proper observance of the Ekadasi vrat.

This year, Kamada Ekadasi falls on 11th of April. Please break your fast between 06:03AM and 08:34AM on 12 April 2014.

OnlineTemple.com wishes all the devotees a very happy Kamada Ekadasi. May all your wishes be fulfilled and may you be blessed with happiness and peace by the faithful observance of Kamada Ekadasi.

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