Karthika Poornima

Karthika Poornima, also known as Tripurari Poornima, Tripuri Poornima, Deva-Deepawali or Deva-Diwali, falls on 6th November 2014. Karthika Poornima is considered to be the holiest of all the lunar months in the Hindu calendar. Legend has it that the three children of a demon called Tarakasur (collectively known as Tripurasura) built three cities called Tripura. Lord Shiva then destroyed Tripura with a single arrow known as pashupatiastra on Karthika Poornima. The other Gods celebrated the day as the festival of lights. Hence the name Deva-Diwali. Karthika Poornima is also celebrated commemorating the birthday of Lord Karthikeya and Matysa, the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu.


Karthika Poornima marks the culmination of rituals that are undertaken during the month of Karthik such as holy dips in Ganges and other holy rivers across India. Devotees also culminate the Tulasi-Vivah utsav that commences on Prabodhini Ekadashi day. Devotees believe that tasks started on Karthika Poornima will be successful.

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