Its Pradosh Vrat Today – The Most Auspicious Day to Worship Lord Shiva

Pradosh Vrat is observed by devotees on the Trayodashi day (the 13th day) of both Shukla Paksha (the bright half) and Krishna Paksha (the dark half) fortnights. Pradosh means dusk and vrat means fast. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are extremely generous and happy on Pradosh Vrat day and fulfill all the wishes of devotees. People who observe Pradosh Vrat sincerely will be blessed with happiness, health and wealth.

Pradosh Vrat is known by the following names depending on the day it falls.

  • Monday: Som Pradosh
  • Tuesday: Bhaum Pradosh
  • Wednesday: Saumya Vaara Pradosh
  • Thursday: Guru Vaara Pradosh
  • Friday: Bhrigu Vaara Pradosh
  • Saturday: Shani Pradosh
  • Sunday: Bhaanu Vaara Pradosh

Story behind Pradosh Vrat
We all know that Lord Shiva saved the entire universe by swallowing the poison (halahala) that emerged during Samudra Manthan. At the end of Samudra Manthan, Sri Maha Vishnu outwitted the Asuras and ensured that only the Devas drank the nectar. In their joyful mood, the Devas completely forgot to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and thank Him. Realizing their mistake, the Devas approached Lord Shiva and asked Him to forgive them on Trayodashi day. The Lord forgave them and this occasion was since celebrated as Pradosh Vrat.

Rituals Observed
Devotees observe a fast throughout the day and break their fast the following day by eating fruits. Devotees take a shower an hour before sunset and start prayers by invoking Lord Ganesh first. Prayers are offered to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is recited 108 times. wishes you a very blissful Pradosh Vrat. Order your beloved Deity’s Prasad online at and receive blessings.

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