Do You Know That It’s Chandra Darshan Today ?

As per the traditional Hindu calendar, the moon is sighted for the first time today after Amavasya or no moon day. Hence, today is celebrated as Chandra Darshan in honor of Chandra Dev, the Moon God. Chandra Darshan is celebrated by the devout by fasting for the whole day and breaking the fast after sighting the moon after sunset. Panchang experts find it difficult to accurately predict Chandra Darshan day as the moon is visible only for a short period of time just after sunset.

Chandra Dev is a planet or a Graha as per Hindu astrology and represents softness, sensitivity, emotions and mind. He is the Lord of vegetation and plants as it is believed that Devas drink Soma using the moon as a cup. He is depicted in illustrations with two hands. While one hand holds a club, the other one holds a lotus. As per Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev rides across the entire sky every night on a chariot drawn by an antelope or ten white horses. He is married to all the 27 Nakshatras (the daughters of Prajapati Daksha) and is the father of Budha Graha (Planet Mercury).

There are numerous stories associated with Chandra Dev in Hindu mythology. The most popular ones are associated with Ganesh Chaturthi, Rahu and Ketu and Somnath Mandir. Order Prasad of your beloved deity at and get blessed.

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