Dhruva – The Embodiment of Devotion and Determination

The story of Dhruva exemplifies true devotion to God and unparalleled determination. Dhruva was born to King Uttanapada and Suniti. The King had another wife by name Suruchi and a son from her called Uttam. The King was more attached to Suruchi and Uttam and showered all his affection and love on them.

One day, when Dhruva was only 5 years old, the two princes tried to sit on the lap of their father. Seeing this, Suruchi chided Dhruva telling him that only Uttam has the right to sit on the lap of the King. She further told the child that he will gain the right to sit on the King’s lap and receive his affection only after receiving the blessings of Lord Vishnu. When Dhruva questioned his mother about his plight, Suniti calmed him by saying that Suruchi is reaping the benefits of her merits in the previous birth and he must pray to Lord Vishnu and seek His blessings. A determined Dhruva set out to the forest and prayed to Lord Vishnu under the guidance of Narada Muni. Dhruva prayed to Lord Vishnu standing on just one leg for 6 months without any food or water. A pleased Lord Vishnu appeared before the boy and asked what he wished for. An awestruck Dhruva was not able to speak at first. When Lord Vishnu touched his cheek with His conch, he recited 12 verses in praise of the Lord, which are collectively known as Dhruva-stuti. The boy forgot all his wishes and said that he only desired a life dedicated to the Lord.

Lord Vishnu blessed Dhruva saying that he would turn into a celestial body and would not be affected by the Mahaprayala. As per the blessings of the Lord, the boy later turned into the Northern Pole star, which is known as Dhruva.

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