Story Behind the Wedding of Sri Krishna and Rukmini

Rukmni Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, was the youngest daughter of King Bhishmaka who was the ruler of Vidarbha. Rukmini had 5 elder brothers of whom Prince Rukmi was the eldest. Although Bhishmaka was proud of Rukmi’s strength and valor he despised the young prince’s friends who included Shishupala, Viduratha, Salva, Jarasandha and Dandavakra.

Rukmini grew up listening to stories of Lord Krishna from Narad Muni and soon fell in love with the Lord even without meeting Him. King Bhishmaka noticed the young princess’ face glow in happiness whenever she listened to the stories of Sri Krishna and asked her if she was interested in marrying Him. Rukmini replied that she likes Sri Krishna and always prayed to get married to the Lord. Rukmi strongly opposed the wedding and hastily arranged his sister’s wedding with Shishupala. On hearing the news, Rukmini met a priest whom she completely trusted and asked him to convey her message of love to Lord Krishna at Dwaraka. On hearing the priest’s message, Sri Krishna immediately left for Vidharbha with a large army. On coming to know about Sri Krishna’s departure, His brother, Balarama also set forth for Vidharbha with his army.

On the day of the wedding, Shishupala and his friends arrived at Vidarbha with large armies anticipating a war with Lord Krishna. Rukmini hoped that Sri Krishna would come to Vidarbha but when there were no signs of Him, she got dejected. On the wedding day, Rukmini started for the local Durga Temple to offer her prayers. On the way, she met the priest who said that Lord Krishna would come to take her away with Him. A joyful Rukmini completed her prayers at the temple and on her way back saw Sri Krishna who escorted her to His chariot. On seeing this incident, the assembled princes chased Sri Krishna only to be defeated by Balarama’s and Krishna’s army. However, Rukmi decided to pursue Sri Krishna and kill Him. However, Rukmi was no match to the Lord’s might. After defeating Rukmi, Sri Krishna got married to Rukmini in a grand ceremony in Dwaraka.

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