When Lord Hanuman Humbled Bheema

One day, while in exile in the Narayanashram forest, Draupadi happened to see a Saugandhika flower blowing across with the wind. She got enchanted with the pleasant color and aroma of the flower and took it to her hut. She then asked Bheemasena to fetch more such flowers from the forest. Even Bheemasena got captivated by the Saugandhika flower and readily agreed to get a bunch of them from the forest.

He soon set out and came across a beautiful and enchanting garden where he smelt the aroma of the beautiful Saugandhika flowers. He happily strode forward in the direction of the flowers but soon came across an old monkey whose tail was blocking his path. A visibly irritated Bheema asked the monkey to move its tail as it is said that one must not jump over an elderly person. The old monkey gave a tired look and asked Bheemasena who he was and what he was doing in the forest. The monkey further advised Bheema that the garden is pretty dangerous. Bheema laughed out loud saying that he was Bheema, son of Vayu, brother of Lord Hanuman and a great warrior. He further boasted that he could defeat anyone easily in battle. After hearing to what Bheema had to say, the old monkey asked Bheema to move his tail as he was very old and tired. Bheema haughtily tried to move the tail with this mace, but he could not move it even by a single inch. An exhausted Bheema then asked the old monkey to reveal himself as he knew that this was no ordinary monkey. Lord Hanuman then revealed Himself to Bheema who fell at His feet and begged for forgiveness. Lord Hanuman blessed and embraced Bheema. Lord Hanuman further told Bheema that His flag would fly on top on Arjuna’s chariot.

After receiving blessings from Lord Hanuman, Bheema set forth in search of the enchanting Saugandhika flowers.

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