Bhilla – Embodiment of True Devotion

Monday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. Let’s seek the God’s blessings today by recollecting stories of His great devotees.

Legend of Bhilla

In ancient India, two devotees of Lord Shiva, Bhilla and Veda, offered prayers to the same Shivling. While Veda was a sage living on alms, Bhilla was a hunter. Every day, Veda used to pray to the Shivling till afternoon, offer whatever he could and leave for the nearby villages for alms. Bhilla used to arrive in the evening after hunting the whole day and place his offering (meat) before the Shivling. Being a sage, Veda used to get disturbed seeing meat near the Shivling. One day, he decided to find out the person who was committing the sacrilege of offering meat to the Shivling and hid himself nearby the Shivling.

To his amazement, Veda saw Lord Shiva appear before Bhilla and ask him the reason for his delay that day. A devout Bhilla offered his prayers and quietly walked away. Unable to control his anger, Veda ran towards the Lord and questioned Him the reason behind His affection for a hunter who commits the sin of hunting animals. The Lord asked Veda to wait till the next day.

The following day, Veda saw traces of blood on the Shivling, which he wiped away with a clean cloth before offering his prayers. The Shivling again started bleeding after Bhilla arrived. Unable to bear the sight, Bhilla started piercing himself with a sharp arrow. Lord Shiva appeared immediately and told Veda that Bhilla is His beloved devotee as he has offered his soul. The location where Bhilla pierced his body is known as Bhillatirtha.

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