How Lord Hanuman Got His Name

Anjaneya, the son of Anjana Devi and Kesari, was named as Lord Hanuman after an incident with Indra during His childhood. Today, let’s recollect this story and seek blessings from the Lord.


One day, Anjana Devi wanted to visit her sisters in the heavens and asked Lord Anjaneya to accompany her. Lord Anjaneya refused to accompany His mother to the heavens as he wanted to play with His friends. Anjana Devi readily agreed and asked the Lord to eat any fruit that is as bright as the rising sun whenever He felt hungry. On getting hungry, Lord Anjaneya started searching for fruits and saw the rising sun. Thinking that He would never feel hungry if He eat the sun, He immediately leapt to reach the sun.

On the way He met Rahu who was about to swallow the sun as it was the time of solar eclipse. The Lord easily pushed away Rahu who later complained to Indra. The King of Devas immediately released the Vajrayudha, which broke the Lord’s chin. Anjaneya lost His conscious and began falling back to earth. Vayu, the God of wind, immediately took the Lord in His arms and went to stay in a cave in the Paatal Lok as He was upset with Indra’s behavior. With Vayu leaving earth, all the living beings started to struggle as there was no air to breathe. Noticing the incidents, Lord Brahmadev immediately met Vayu. He summoned Indra and chided him for behaving in such a thoughtless way. Brahmadev brought Anjaneya back to life with his divine powers, but he could mend the broken chin. Hence, Lord Anjaneya came to be known as “Hanuman”, the one with a broken chin.

Humbled by the incident, Indra granted the boon of immortality to Lord Hanuman and Lord Brahma gave Him immunity from the mighty Brahmastra. Thereby, Lord Hanuman became immensely powerful.

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