Story of Karna

Karna was a brave warrior who fought on the side of Kauravas during the great Mahabharata war. He was the eldest son of Kunti, the mother of Pandavas. Read on to know the real story behind the birth of Karna.

Story Behind the Birth of Karna

Kunti was the daughter of King Surasena and the sister of Vasudeva, the father of Lord Sri Krishna. Kunti was adopted by her uncle King Kuntibhoja as he was childless. The king looked after her very lovingly and taught her to be a very devotional and disciplined woman. One day, Sage Druvasa happened to seek the hospitality of Kunti. Pleased with the princess’ hospitality, Druvasa offered to grant her a boon. An intelligent Kunti requested the sage to grant her a boon that would be useful for her in future. A thoughtful Sage Druvasa then taught Kunti a mantra by which she would be able to invoke any Deva of her choice and beget a son who would have the power of the Deva.

One day, before she got married to King Pandu, Kunti decided to test the boon granted to her by Sage Druvasa. She started uttering the mantra thinking about the Sun God. Within no time, Surya Bhagawan appeared before her and blessed her with a son who had a natural armor protecting his body and earrings.

Kunti feared that she would be rebuked for having a son before marriage and quickly wrapped the baby with a cloth. She then kept the baby in a box and let it flow on the river Aswa. The box was later found by a charioteer named Adhiratha who took good care of Karna.

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