How Arjuna Obtained the Pasupatastra

Monday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva, today let’s recall stories glorifying the great Lord and seek His blessings.


While in exile, Arjuna went to the Himalayas to pray to Lord Shiva for obtaining divine weapons. The brave Pandava prince made a Linga from mud and started worshipping Lord Shiva with utmost devotion. On hearing about Arjuna’s penance, Duryodhana immediately met his Asura friend, Mooka, and asked him to disturb Arjuna’s prayers. Mooka, who had the powers to transform himself into any animal, transformed himself into a very large boar and started charging towards Arjuna. On hearing the snorts of the boar, Arjuna stood up and shot arrows at it. The boar died within no time. On approaching the boar, Arjuna saw a tribal chieftain, his wife and a group of hunters. The wife of the tribal chieftain told Arjuna that he had shot an already dead boar that was killed by her husband’s arrows. Arjuna contested this claim and started arguing with the hunters. Finally, Arjuna and the hunter decided to fight to confirm who the superior archer was. To his amazement, Arjuna found the tribal chief to be much superior to him in archery. A defeated Arjuna prostrated before the tribal chieftain and asked the person to reveal his true form. Soon, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and other Gunas stood in front of Arjuna. The amazed prince begged for forgiveness. Pleased with the Pandava prince’s devotion, Lord Shiva granted him the mighty Pasupatastra.

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