Lord Ganesh and Chandradev

As per the traditional Hindu lunar calendar, it is Chandra Darshan today, the day when the moon is sighted for the first time after Amavasya. Hence, let’s recollect stories associated with Chandra Dev today.


It is a very well-known fact that Lord Ganesh is very fond of sweets. One day, the great Lord accepted an invitation from His devotees and eat a lot of sweets. The great Lord liked the sweets so much that He decided to carry some back to Kailash. On His way back, the Lord stumbled and fell down thereby scattering all the sweets. Lord Ganesh struggled to stand up and collect the sweets. Chandra Dev who was watching this entire incident started laughing at the Lord’s predicament.

This rude behavior of Chandra Dev angered Lord Ganesh to such an extent that He cursed Chandra Dev to completely disappear from sky. A worried Chandra Dev immediately fell at the feet of Lord Ganesh and begged for forgiveness. The great Lord took pity on Chandra Dev and told him that the curse cannot be taken back; however, it would be lessened to a great extent. Lord Ganesh said that he would gradually loose his shine and on one day he would be completely invisible; however, he would gain his shine back and regain his full shape on the 15th day. Lord Ganesh further told the Moon God that since he committed the mistake on Chaturthi day, people who saw him on that day would face some problems in their lives. However, they would overcome those problems by listening to the story of the Syamantaka gem.

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