Story of Syamantaka Gem

The story of the Syamantaka gem details how Lord Sri Krishna became a victim of false accusations. Read on to enjoy this adventurous story of the Lord.

Satrajit was one of the residents of Dwaraka during Lord Sri Krishna’s reign. He was a generous man and an ardent devotee of Surya Bhagwan (Sun God). Satrajit offered prayers to Lord Surya every day. One day, Lord Surya appeared before Satrajit and offered him the Syamantaka gem, which glows like the Sun God Himself and bestows the owner with gold coins. An awestruck Satrajit fell at the feet of Sun God and thanked Him profusely.

Soon everyone, including Lord Krishna, came to know about that Satrajit owned the Syamantaka gem. Lord Krishna felt that Satrajit would only attract enemies if he continued to have the Syamantaka gem and asked him to part with the gem. An angry Satrajit refused to give the gem to Lord Sri Krishna.

One day, Satrajit’s brother, Prasenan, wanted to wear the precious gem and hunt animals in the forest. Satrajit, being very fond of his brother, readily gave him the gem and wished him good luck. However, Prasenan got killed by a lion in the forest and did not return home. A distraught Satrajit blamed Lord Krishna for Prasenan’s death. Listening to rumors circulating in Dwaraka, Lord Sri Krishna ventured into the forest to set the record straight.

In the forest, Lord Sri Krishna found the remains of Prasenan’s body and a lion’s foot marks beside them. The Lord closely followed the foot marks and found the dead body of the lion and foot marks of a bear beside it. He then closely followed the foot marks of the bear and reached a cave. Inside the cave, the Lord saw the Syamantaka gem and heard a loud scream of a young bear. Soon, a large bear (Jambavan, a friend of Lord Rama) charged towards the Lord and attacked Him. Jambavan soon realized that his opponent was a divine being and requested the Lord to tell His name. Lord Krishna smiled and told Jambavan that He is Sri Krishna and He was Lord Rama in His previous incarnation. Jambavan immediately fell at the feet of Lord Krishna and begged for forgiveness. When Lord Krishna told the real purpose behind His visit, Jambavan immediately gave the Syamantaka gem and offered the hand of his daughter, Jambavati, to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna then returned to Dwaraka, met Satrajit and gave the Syamantaka gem to him. After hearing the entire story from Lord Krishna, Satrajit felt bad and offered the hand of his daughter, Satyabama, to Lord Krishna.

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