Story of Gurudruh

Monday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. Let’s recollect stories of the great Lord today and seek His blessings.


There once lived a hunter in ancient India called Gurudruh. He hunted animals every day in a forest and fed his family with meat of the hunted animals. One day the hunter heard people chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” in a temple deep within the forest. He walked towards the temple and listened to the chanting for some time. However, he could not make out anything as he was a hunter. He started walking deeper into the forest as he was not able kill any animal that day.

Gurudurh soon reached a small pond which had cool, refreshing water. Thinking that animals would come to the pond to quench their thirst, he climbed up a tree closest to the pond and waited for animals to pass by. While climbing up the tree he scrapped his water pouch against a small branch. As a result, the water pouch started to leak slowly. To pass time Gurudruh started reciting the name “Shiva, Shiva”, which he picked up at the temple and started to pick leaves from the branches and threw them down. To his luck, that day was Mahashivaratri, the tree was a bilva tree and he was unknowingly worshipping a Shivling below the tree by chanting “Shiva, Shiva” and indirectly offering water (from his torn water pouch) and bilva leaves.

Soon he saw a deer come to the pond and took aim to shoot the deer. To his amazement, the deer looked up and requested Gurudruh to let her go and meet her child. The deer further promised that she would return after feeding her child. Overcome by kindness, Gurudruh allowed the deer to meet her child. Soon a male deer approached the pond and as soon as Gurudruh took aim, the male deer requested the hunter to let him go and meet his wife. The deer promised he would return after meeting his wife. Gurudruh allowed the male deer to go and meet his wife. Later another male deer passed by and similarly requested Gurudruh to let him go as he wanted to meet his sister and brother-in-law. Gurudruh allowed the second male deer to leave. After some time, four deer (two male deer, a female deer and a baby deer) returned to Gurudruh and asked him to kill all of them. An astonished Gurudruh asked the deer to reveal themselves. To his surprise Lord Shiva stood before him and blessed him on Mahashivaratri. Thus, Gurudruh attained salvation on Mahashivaratri.

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