Lord Hanuman: The Epitome of Devotion

Tuesday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman. Let’s seek the Lord’s blessings today by recollecting His stories.

Lord Hanuman once innocently asked Sita Devi the reason behind applying vermilion (sindoor) on her forehead. Sita Devi replied that she applies sindoor everyday praying for the safety and longevity of Lord Rama. On hearing this, Lord Hanuman smeared his entire body with sindoor thinking that if a pinch of sindoor would bestow healthy life to Lord Ram, then application of larger quantities of sindoor would yield more benefits. Pleased by Lord Hanuman’s devotion, Lord Rama blessed that whoever worships Lord Hanuman with sindoor would receive Lord Rama's mercy and will overcome all hurdles in life.

The following mantra describes Lord Hanuman’s devotion for Lord Ram.

“Yatra Yatra Raghunatha Keertanam Tatra Tatra Krita Mastakanjalim Bhaashpa-vaari Paripoorna Lochanam Marutim Namata Rakshasa-antakam”

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