Hanumanji Burns Lanka

Saturday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman. Today, let’s recollect how the great Lord burnt Lanka and receive His divine blessings.


Before the great battle between Lord Ram and Ravan, Hanumanji flew to Lanka to find Maa Sita and lift up Her spirits. After finding Maa Sita in a beautiful garden called Ashok Vana, Hanumanji identified Himself to Maa Sita by showing a ring of Lord Ram. He then offered to take Her back to Lord Ram, but Maa Sita refused saying that it is destined for Ravan to die at the hands of Lord Ram. After meeting Maa Sita, Hanumanji started destroying properties and palaces in Lanka to give a warning signal to Ravan. He also killed several rakshasas such as Aksha Kumar and Jambumali. A worried Ravan approached his son Indrajit for help who in turn used the Brahmastra against Lord Hanuman. Although Hanuman was immune to the Brahmastra, He allowed the weapon to capture Him out of respect to Brahma Dev. In order to review the strength of Ravan’s army, the great Lord allowed Ravan’s soldiers to parade Him through the streets of Lanka and take Him to Ravan’s palace. The great Lord demanded Ravan to safely return Maa Sita to Lord Ram and warned the demon king of dire consequences if he failed to do so. An enraged Ravan asked his soldiers to kill Lord Hanuman, but Vibhishana, a brother of Ravan, intervened and said it was against laws to kill a messenger. So, Ravan ordered his soldiers to set Hanumanji’s tail on fire. The great Lord lengthened his tail and flew around Lanka setting large parts of Lanka on fire. He then extinguished the fire in the sea and returned to Lord Ram and conveyed the news to Him.

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