Aruni and Upmanyu – Two Shining Symbols of Guru Bhakti

Today let’s recollect the glories of Aruni and Upmanyu who symbolize true Guru bhakti.


Aruni and Upmanyu were students of Sage Dhaumya. The two boys stayed at their guru’s ashram and served him with utmost dedication. In return they learned mathematics, sciences and religion from their guru.

One day, Sage Dhaumya wanted to test his two students’ dedication and faith. He asked both the boys to take his cows for grazing in the jungle and told them specifically not to carry any food or eat anything in the jungle. The two boys readily obeyed their master and took his cows to the jungle every day. True to their word, the two boys did not carry any food from the ashram or eat anything in the jungle.

One day, the revered Rishi asked the two boys how they are managing their health and well-being without eating any food. The two boys replied that they were drinking the cows’ milk. The sage then asked them not to drink the cows’ milk. The two boys then survived by begging and eating whatever people gave to them. On coming to know about this, the sage forbade them from begging as well. One day, the two boys eat some wild berries in the forest unable to tolerate hunger anymore. They soon lost their sight as the wild berries were poisonous in nature. Completely blinded, the two boys lost their way and fell in a well. When the two boys did not return to the ashram, a worried Sage Dhaumya went in search of them and found them in a well. The sage got the two boys out of the well and cured them with the help of Ashwini Kumaras, the doctors of Gods.

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