Shatilla Ekadashi

Shatilla Ekadashi (also known as Tilda Ekadashi or Satilla Ekadashi) is celebrated today (during the Krishna Paksha of the Magha month in North India and Paush month as per the Telugu calendar). The origins of the name Shatilla Ekadashi is “til” or sesame seeds. Devotees observe the Satilla Ekadashi vrat by bathing in water containing sesame seeds, applying sesame seed paste on one’s body, donating sesame seeds to the needy and eating food items made of sesame seeds.

Legend Behind Shatilla Ekadashi

The importance of Shatilla Ekadashi is detailed in the Bhavishyottara Purana. Legend has it that in ancient India there lived a very wealthy and devout Brahmin lady who worshipped Lord Vishnu with utmost devotion. The lady donated ornaments, clothes, money and other items to the poor and needy but never donated any food. The great Lord decided to teach her the importance of donating food to the poor and needy and approached her in the guise of a poor man. He asked her to donate food as He was feeling very hungry. The lady flatly refused and gave Him a mound of mud instead. Lord Vishnu returned back to Vaikunta and constructed a house from the mud for the lady. After reaching Vaikunta after death, the lady was disappointed to note that her house did not have any food items. She then approached Lord Vishnu, who told her to learn about the greatness of Shatilla Ekadashi from the consorts of Gods and observe the vrat. After the Lady understood the importance of donating food, Lord Vishnu filled her house with food grains.

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