Lord Hanuman and Mainak Parvat

Hanumanji ki jai! Saturday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman, the God of strength, valor and devotion. Let us seek the Lord’s divine blessings today by recollecting His encounter with the Mainak Parvat.


When Lord Hanuman set off for Lanka to find Maa Sita it looked as if a giant mountain was flying across the sky and all the Gods assembled to witness this grand spectacle. As the great Lord was flying to Lanka, the sea asked Mainak Parvat, a submerged mountain, to come out and offer some rest to Lord Hanuman. Mainak Parvat immediately rose from the sea bed and asked Lord Hanuman to rest on him. The Parvat also offered some fruits as refreshments. However, Lord Hanuman was completely focused on reaching Lanka and finding Maa Sita so he kindly refused the offer of Mainak Parvat.

It is said that in the olden days all the mountains had wings and were able to fly in which ever direction they wanted to. However, they crushed many birds and animals while doing so. This infuriated Lord Indra, the King of Gods, who cut off the wings of the mountains with his weapon, the Vajra or thunderbolt. Lord Vayu, the father of Lord Hanuman, saved Mainak Parvat’s wings by blowing him into the sea.

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