Why Lord Shiva is Known as Chandrashekara

Pradosh Vrat is observed today in honor Lord Shiva. Today, let us recollect why the great Lord is also known as Chandrashekara.


Chandrashekara means the “one who bears the crescent moon on his head”. It is said that Prajapati Daksha, the son of Lord Brahma, had 27 daughters (stars in the galaxy). He married all his daughters to Chandra Dev. However, Chandra Dev had a soft corner only for Rohini and ignored his other wives. Upset with his behavior, the other 26 wives approached their father and poured out their woes. An infuriated Prajapati cursed the Moon God that he would lose his luminance (about which he was so proud of) and completely fade away. The curse started to have its effect and Chandra Dev started losing his luminance. Frightened about the curse, the Moon God vanished from the sky and hid himself in the ocean. Many herbs on earth require the moonlight for sustenance and with the absence of the moon from the sky they began to suffer. Seeing this, other celestial Gods advised Chandra Dev to pray to Lord Shiva and seek His refuge. The Moon God readily agreed to do so and pleased the great Lord with his penance. Lord Shiva agreed to adorn the Moon God on his head thereby providing relief from Daksha’s curse. However, the curse could not be completely revoked. Hence, the moon fades away for 15 days and again regains its luminance after 15 days.

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