Story of Chamunda Devi

Friday is the most auspicious day to worship Maa Shakti and receive Her divine blessings. Today, let us recollect how the divine mother incarnated Herself as Chamunda Devi and killed two demons Nishumbha and Shumbha.


Once, two demons, Nishumbha and Shumbha, defeated Lord Indra and drove all the Devas from Indralok. They then started creating trouble for all human beings on earth. The worried Devas then approached Goddess Durga and requested Her to help them. Seeing the turmoil in the world, Goddess Durga created a beautiful divine lady called Kaushiki. The damsel reached earth and skillfully attracted two assistants of the demons known as Munda and Chanda. The two assistants then reported about Her beauty to their leaders. Captivated by the illustrations given by their assistants, Nishumbha and Shumbha ordered them to convey their desire to marry Kaushiki. When the two assistants approached Kaushiki, a dark divine woman emerged from the eyebrows of Kaushiki and killed them. A pleased Kaushiki then named her personification as Chamunda.

Chamunda Devi is thus a fierce incarnation of Maa Shakti. After the death of Munda and Chanda, Goddess Kaushiki killed Shumbha and Nishumbha. A joyful Devas then celebrated the day by singing praises of Maa Shakti.

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