An Interesting Story of Yama’s Son

It is said that Lord Yama, the lord of death, once married a mortal woman. After marriage, Lord Yama decided to stay on earth instead of taking His wife to Yamapuri. Soon Yama found out that His wife was very quarrelsome. Soon she bore a child and the couple named him Yama Kumar. Even after the birth of a child, Lord Yama’s wife did not mend her ways and continued to trouble Him. Disgusted with her behavior, the Lord left His house on earth and returned to Yamapuri permanently.

After the separation of his parents, Yama Kumar was left uncared for as his mother was least bothered in his welfare. Seeing this, Lord Yama came back to earth and asked His son to study the science of medicine. Pleased with Yama Kumar’s efforts, the Lord blessed him with the power of healing. However, the Lord instructed His son to avoid treating patients in His presence as they are nearing death.

One day, a beautiful princess fell ill and the king summoned Yama Kumar, who by then became a renowned physician. On reaching the princess’ bed Yama Kumar saw his father near her. He then requested his father to bless the princess with life for only three days as she appeared to be very innocent. Lord Yama agreed to His son’s request and reappeared after three days. By this time Yama Kumar was smitten by the princess’ beauty and decided to save her. In order to save the princess, Yama Kumar told Lord Yama that His wife has come to the palace and is keen on meeting Him. Recollecting the torture He faced at the hands of His wife, Lord Yama disappeared from there, thereby granting life to the princess. A pleased king offered the hand of his daughter to Yama Kumar.

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