Tales of Sai Baba

Thursday is the most auspicious day to worship Sai Baba and receive His divine blessings. Today let us recollect an interesting encounter between Sai Baba and a rich merchant who wanted to gain Brahma gyan.


A rich merchant lived near Shirdi during the time of Sai Baba. Although the merchant was very successful in all his business ventures and earned a lot, he was a miser and did not help the poor and needy. One day, the merchant heard about the miracles of Sai Baba and met one of his friends to confirm them. He then told his friend that he had all the materialistic possessions and was in search of Brahma Gyan. He further said that he would meet Sai Baba and ask for Brahma Gyan. When the rich merchant met Sai Baba and asked Him for Brahma Gyan, Baba felt happy and told him that many people come for money, luxury and comforts and it is a rarity that one approaches Him for Brahma Gyan. In order to test the merchant, Baba called one of his aides and asked him to fetch five rupees from a grocer. The aide came back after some time and told Baba that the grocer was not in his shop. Baba then asked his aide to ask a trader for five rupees. His aide came back once again and told Baba that the trader was also unavailable. After listening to His aide, Baba told the merchant that although he had lots of money in his pocket he did not come forward and offer five rupees. Baba further advised the miserly merchant that one must not be attached to materialistic things to gain the Brahma Gyan.

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