Lord Hanuman Fools Nagmata Sursa

Saturday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman, the God of strength and valor. Today, let us seek His divine blessings by recollecting how he was able to fool Sursa, the mother of Nagas, and proceed to Lanka in search of Maa Sita.


When Lord Hanuman was flying over the sea to Lanka in search of Maa Sita, the Devas wanted to test His intelligence. So, they asked Sursa to obstruct His path and test his intelligence. Acceding to the request of the Devas, Sursa took up the form of a rakshasa and increased her height to several hundred feet to obstruct the path of the Lord. On nearing Sursa, Lord Hanuman requested her to move aside and allow him to pass. Sursa declined this request and told the Lord that He has to pass through her mouth in order to continue His journey across the sea. She then opened her big mouth and asked Lord Hanuman to enter her mouth. The great Lord asked Sursa to increase the size of her mouth so as to enter it. A delighted Sursa started increasing the size of her mouth. Finally, her mouth was much bigger than Lord Hanuman Himself. At this moment, Lord Hanuman decreased His size to that of a mosquito and quickly entered the mouth of Nagmata Sursa. Before Sursa realized what had happened, Lord Hanuman came out of her mouth and flew away. An impressed Sursa blessed Hanumanji with good luck.

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