Sri Vrindavana Thulasi Sri Krishna – The Temple of Love

Valentine’s day is celebrated today by people of all ages across the world. This is one occasion that transcends age and faith. Do you know that there’s a temple near Vellore called Sri Vrindavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple that celebrates valentine’s day? Yes, you heard it right. This temple in Sholinghur, Vellore district celebrates Valentine’s day by conducting a special puja in honor of Lord Sri Krishna, the God of true love.

The Sri Vrindavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple was constructed by a person by name R. Jagannath, a great devotee of Lord Krishna. He started constructing the temple in 2011 and finished the construction recently. An expert architect from the town of Srirangam designed and built the temple’s gopuram. The main idol of Radha and Sri Krishna is made of Jaipur marble. The idol also features a cow licking Sri Krishna’s feet, a gesture depicting love and affection. R. Jagannath wanted this temple to be associated with love so he initially named it as Valentine’s Krishna. But later changed it to the present name Sri Vrindavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple. Devotees, including ardent followers of ISKCON, throng to this temple with a hope of uniting with their true love. The Sri Vrindavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple is situated between Yoga Narsimhar temple and Anjaneya temple, two famous temples in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu.

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