How Ego Led to the Downfall of Ravan

Ravan, the mighty King of Lanka and the abductor of Maa Sita, was a very learned man. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and obtained many boons from Him. The world famous Baidyanath temple is associated with Ravan’s severe penance to Lord Shiva and the great Lord curing Ravan in the form of a doctor. However, Ravan was filled with ego and this prevented him from accepting the sin of abducting Maa Sita and returning Her back to Lord Ram.

After Ravan abducted Maa Sita, his two brothers Vibhishana and Kumbhakaran, requested him to return Sita back to Lord Ram. While Kumbhakaran advised Ravan that the abduction of Maa Sita is against the principles of governance and that he should have consulted his council of ministers, Vibhishana said it is against dharma to abduct another man’s wife. Despite such wisely advice from his two brothers, Ravan did not return Maa Sita to Lord Ram and instead chose to fight the great lord as his other close advisors inflated his ego by recalling how he subdued the gandharvas, dhanavas and other celestial beings. This ego ultimately led to the downfall of Ravan. While Kumbhakaran was fond of Ravan and helped his brother in battling Lord Ram, Vibhishana did not forgive Ravan and sought refuge in Lord Rama’s camp much before the commencement of the great battle between Ravan and Lord Ram.

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