Pradosh Vrat – Story behind Shivling

Pradosh Vrat is celebrated today by millions of devotees in honor of Lord Shiva. Today’s Pradosh Vrat is known as Soma Pradosham as it falls on a Monday. On this auspicious day let us seek the great Lord’s blessings by getting to know more about Him.

Shiva means the pure one who has no form and cannot be contained by time or space. Once, a person asked a great sculptor to carve an image of God out of stone. The sculptor got into a dilemma since God encapsulated everything in the Universe. If he carved a plant, he would leave out humans and animals. If he carved a man, he would leave out the woman. If he carved a human, he would leave out the animals and plants. The only way the sculptor was able to encapsulate everything in an image was to leave the piece of stone as-is. This unsculpted stone was since known as Linga, which encapsulates everything in this universe.

Hence, Lord Shiva is visualized in the form of an icicle in Amarnath temple, as a natural rock formation in Buda Kedar temple in Uttarakhand, as a smooth oval stone in Kasi Vishwanath temple, Varanasi and as a cylindrical pillar in Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore.

Order Prasad from the famous Basukinath Shiva temple at and receive divine blessings on the occasion of Pradosh Vrat.

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