Miracles of Sai Baba

Thursday is the most auspicious day to worship Sai Baba. Let us seek His divine blessings today by recollecting some of His miracles.

Once, the farmers had completed harvesting and storing the food grains during the summer season in Shirdi. One hot summer day, Sai Baba called a farmer by name Kondaji Sutar and told him that his field was on fire. An alarmed farmer immediately went to his field but did not find anything on fire. He soon returned to Sai Baba and told Him that the field was not on fire. Sai Baba asked Kondaji to return back to his field and look carefully. When the farmer returned he saw that a sheaf of corn was on fire and strong hot winds were fanning the fire. All the villagers now ran to Sai Baba and asked Him to help them. A benevolent Sai Baba casually walked towards some sheaves of corn that were on fire and sprinkled water on them. Miraculously the fire, which was threatening to fan across the field, died down.

One day, a great devotee of Sai Baba by name Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Fradhan came to visit Sai Baba in his mosque, Dwarakamayi, in Shirdi. After paying respects to Sai Baba, the devotee began his journey back home. Unfortunately, it started raining very heavily in Shirdi and Fradhan had to travel a long distance. Seeing a worried Fradhan, Sai Baba prayed to God asking Him to stop the rain. Within minutes, the rain subsided and Fradhan was able to reach his home safely.

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