Papmochani Ekadashi

Papmochani Ekadashi is the last ekadashi among all 24 ekadashi and falls between holika dahan and Chaitra Navratri in the last month of Hindu calendar or in Mar/April month of English calendar. Papmochani comprise of two words ‘pap’ and ‘mochani’ which means ‘sin’ and ‘remover’ respectively, so as the name suggests Papmochani Ekadashi is observed to eradicate one’s sins. Lord Vishnu, the spiritual master of all moving and nonmoving living beings is worshipped on this auspicious day of Papmochani Ekadashi.

Significance of Papmochani Ekadashi: The significance of Papmochani Ekadashi vrat was told to king Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna and can be found in the Bhavishyottara Purana. According to the legend an Apsara named Manju cajoled sage Medhavi into married life. After many years she put forward the desire to go back to Devloka but to this sage became angry and cursed her to become a witch. Later after her pleading sage told her to observe Papmochani Ekadashi vrat for the redemption of her sin, only then she can be relieved. The sage too felt that he committed a sin by getting into married life so he also observed the fast.

Thus this Papmochani ekadashi fast helps in destroying sins and the guilt associated with them.

 Appropriate way to observe Papmochani Ekadashi fast: This year Papmochani Ekadashi falls on 16th of March 2015, it is observed in the same way as other ekadashi fasts. Devotees should take spiritual bath in Holy River or lake and offer incense sticks, flowers and bhog to Lord Vishnu. Only satvik food should be consumed and food like rice, pulses, salt, onion, garlic and non veg should not be consumed on this pious day.

For more details on how to observer Papmochani Ekadashi vrat properly, please read our article “Ekadashi: What to do and what not to do”. wishes you all a successful observance of the Ekadashi vrata and thereby receive abundant blessings from Lord Vishnu.

Order Tirupathi Prasad on this special Occasion and get blessed by Lord Tirupati Balaji

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