Significance of Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh vrata which is also called Pradosham in some parts of the country is observed to worship lord Shiva. Pradosh vrata falls on the trayodashi titihi(13th in Hindu calender) during both shukl paksh and krishan paksh of the month. Meaning of Pradosh is the time of sunset therefore it is observed in the evening. The duration of Pradosh vrat is 3 hours including one and half hour before sunset and one and half hour after sunset.

Different types of Pradosh Vrat: There are total 24 Pradosh Vrat in a year. The meaning and benefit differs with the day on which it is falling. Here is the list of all 7 types of Pradosh Vrat with their benefits-

1. Som Pradosh- Pradosh falling on Monday is called Som Pradosh, it is one of the important Pradosh. Observing this Pradosh helps in attaining good health and fulfilling one’s desire.

2. Bhauma Pradosh: Pradosh on Tuesday is called Bhauma Pradosh. This Pradosh helps in improving health and brings wealth.

3. Saumya Vaar Pradosh: This Pradosh on Wednesday helps in gaining knowledge and fulfill the wish of a childless couple by blessing them with a child.

4. Guruvaar Pradosh: This Thursday Pradosh brings the blessing from ancestors and thereby eliminating upcoming dangers.

5. Bhrigu Vaar Pradosh: This Friday Pradosh brings success and happiness by removing enemies and hurdles.

6. Shani Pradosh: This is the most important Pradosh, also called Maha Pradosh. When Pradosh falls on Saturday it brings promotion in work and happiness in married couples lives.

7. Bhaanu Vaar Pradosh: It falls on Sunday and observed to attain peace.

How to observe Pradosh Vrat: Pradosh Vrat for the month of March 2015 is falling on 2nd and 18th.In order to perform Pradosh Vrat properly the observer should fast for 24 hours and should not sleep in between. Bath should be taken in Holy water one hour before sunset and after that worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha followed by reading Pradosh story. wishes you all successful observances of the Pradosh vrat.On this auspicious day order Prasad from Basukhinath Temple and seek blessing from Lord Shiva and receive divine blessings.

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