Story of the birth of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles is revered the most in Hindu pantheon. Lord Ganesh is known by many names Vinayak and Ganpati are the most well known among all. Lord Ganesha is having a head of an elephant and he mount on rat. Here is a very interesting story behind the birth of Lord Ganesha.

One day goddess Parvati was preparing for bath at her home in Mount Kailash. As she did not want to be disturbed she instructed Nandi the guard to stay at the entrance and do not let anyone pass. Nandi stood there faithfully to perform his duty. But, when Shiva came home and wanted to go inside; Nandi could not stop him as he was extremely loyal to Lord Shiva. This made Goddess Parvati angry, she was angrier because she did not have anyone who is as loyal to herself as Nandi is to Lord Shiva. So she took some turmeric paste from her skin to create Ganesha and breathed life into him.

Next time when she wanted to take bath she posted Ganesha as the guard. One day Lord Shiva came and wanted to go inside, Ganesha stopped him telling he cannot go inside. Furious Shiva ordered his army to kill the boy Ganesha. But his whole army was unable to harm him. Seeing this that he was not an ordinary boy surprised and irate Lord Shiva severed Ganesha’s head. When Parvati learned about this she asked Lord Shiva that she created Ganesha herself and wanted him back to life otherwise she will destroy everything. Realizing his mistake Lord Shiva ordered his army to bring back the head of the first creature they crosses that is lying with its head facing north. They soon returned with the head of a strong and powerful elephant, which Shiva placed onto Ganesha’s body. Breathing new life into him, he declared

Ganesha to be his own son. Since then Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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