Sita Navmi

Sita navmi is solemnized to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sita Mata, the wife of Lord Ram. Being daughter of King Janak she is also known as Janaki therefore Sita Navmi is also called as Janaki Navmi at some places. Sita Navmi falls on the ninth day during Shukl paksha of the Hindu month of Vaishakh. This day comes after one month of Ram Navami (In accordance with Hindu calender). Sita Navmi is of special importance for married women as they observe fast on this day and pray that they die before their husbands.

To perform Sita Navmi pooja at home build a mandap with the help of four pillars and decorate it with fresh flowers. At the centre of the mandap, place idols of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Mother Janaki and King Janak. Goddess Earth in form of plough should also be placed in the mandap as King Janak found Sita Mata in a golden vessle while ploughing the fields. During the puja, offer rice, til and bajra to the Gods and observe the fast whole day long.

Sita mata and Lord Ram are known to be the ideal couple and thus they are admired by all married couples. Goddess Sita is an inspiration for all the women as she is known for being the most purest and sincere woman. Observing Sita Navmi vrat with full dedication and devotion brings peace and bliss in the lives of married couples. Also this Sita Navmi vrat helps in inculcating the traits like motherhood, modesty and sacrifice in an individual. This year Sita Navami is on 27th of April, 2015. This auspicious day is celebrated with great enthusiasm filled with fest and fervor throughout the country.

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