The Power of "OM"

Om the most sacred word of all was first appeared in Upnishads. Om is a Sanskrit word and in Sanskrit Om is pronounces as ‘AUM’; consisting of three sounds – a (a-kāra), u (u- kāra), m (m- kāra). A-kāra describes the shapes of physical objects like mountains, trees and planets etc. U- kāra describes the shapeless and formless liquids or gasses like air, water etc. M- kāra describes the existence of energy which is not having any shape nor it is shapeless like energy of whole universe. Thus Om itself is the whole universe. It is described in Katha Upnishad as-

“Om is the ultimate goal declared by Vedas aimed by austerities and desired by all human beings. This is the best and highest support in the universe”

Meaning of Om Symbol- Om (AUM) is represented with three curves, one dot and one semicircle. The lower large curve represents the waking state, the middle curve represents the dreaming state and the upper curve represents deep sleep. The dot represents the state of infinite consciousness which is separated by semicircle which in turn represents the worldly materialism. Aum signifies that the ultimate goal of achieving infinite consciousness is distracted by worldly materialism called as Maya.

Sound of Om- Om is the origin of all the sounds in the universe. All the words in all the languages are having their roots in Om. While reciting Aum the sound of ‘a’ comes from throat, sound of ‘u’ comes from root of tongue to lips and the sound of ‘m’ comes from lips. Chanting Om helps in healing the soul and improves concentration of mind.

Om is the only way to realize the divine.

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the physical form of Om. Order Prasad from famous Siddhivinayak Temple and seek His blessings-

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April 30, 2015

Omityekakshram brahma vyaharan ma manusmaran;yeh.prayati tyajan deham sa yati paramam gatim. Gita 8/13. Also see Gita 17/23 wherin
Om, Tat, Sat has been described byLord Krishna. prasnopanishat also describes the three forms of om as Aa, vu ma.

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