Importance of folding hands while praying

Why do we fold hands while praying? Yes it is an important question that emerges in everyone’s mind or if not then it’s time to think about it. We all fold hands and close our eyes in front of God while praying and there are valid scientific reasons behind it.

Our body has 2 sides, there is a left side and right side or we can say we have a polarity. The right hand constitutes of positive energy and left hand constitutes of negative energy and when we fold our hand the electromagnetic field of the body becomes neutral. There is a vagus nerve in the center of our chest which goes up from the front side. The vagus nerve is the only nerve which starts from the lower part of the brain called brainstem and comes down below the head. Vagus nerve is extended to the pituitary gland also called “Ajana” or “Trinetra” in our Hinduism.

Once the polarity gets neutralize by joining hands, it creates a reflex action in the vagus nerve which ultimately results in the secretion of the pituitary gland. This all phenomena create a resonance rhythm in the brain which creates a state of meditation in our minds. Our entire hindu mythology is based on scientific angles and there is a good reason behind each and every step that we follow in our rituals.

In order to gain the utmost of our prayers and rituals one must follow the methods correctly.

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July 22, 2017


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