The Birth of Lord Krishna

Birth of Lord Krishna was one of the mystical events in history of Hindus. Unable to bear the burden of evil and sinner kings and rulers, mother earth reached Lord Brahma for help. Lord Brahma prayed Lord Vishnu to look at the misery and help the people on earth. Lord Vishnu promised him that soon he would be taking birth on earth and put an end to the tyranny.

At that time Kansa was the cruel ruler of Mathura. On the day of his sister Devaki’s marriage with Vasudeva, Kansa heard an Akashvani(prophesy) that Devaki’s 8th son will kill him. Raged Kansa pulled his sword to kill Devaki but Vasudev intervened and committed to give each of their new born children to him. Kansa imprisoned both of them.

One by one Kansa killed 7 new born babies of Devaki and Vasudev. When Devaki was about to give birth to her 8th son Lord Vishnu appeared in front of them and told the mourning couple that he himself will be taking birth as their 8th son. Lord Vishnu instructed Vasudev to replace him with his friend the cowherd chief Nanda’s daughter in nearby village Gokula where his wife Yashoda would be giving birth right at the same time. Vasudeva had to take his newborn baby to the village and bring Nanda’s daughter to the prison. Lord Vishnu assured him that nothing can stop him in his way.

The divine child took birth during midnight on ashtami. As directed by Lord Vishnu Vasudeva embraced his son to his chest and started for Gokula. He jerked his legs and the chains clasping them unrestrained. The heavy doors of the prison unlocked and opened. Miraculously river Yamuna made way for Vasudeva to cross itself and a behemoth five head snake followed him, providing shelter to the divine baby from torrential rain. In Gokula the doors of Nanda’s house opened and he exchanged the babies and brings back their daughter to Kansa’s prison.

Next day all the people of Gokula celebrated the birth of the Nanda’s beautiful son. At the same time when Kansa tried to kill their daughter she skipped from his hands and flew towards sky transforming into Goddess Yogamaya. Angrily she told Kansa that the one who will kill him has already taken birth somewhere else.

Later in his youth Lord Krishna killed Kansa and his equates and liberated his parents from prison. Jai Shri Krishna.

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