The Story Of Mata Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi is another name of Mata Vaishnavi who is the manifestation of collective spiritual powers of Maha Laxmi Maa, Saraswati Mata and Maha Kaali Maa. She was born with exceptional beauty and strength. She was created by Devatas and the three Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. One purpose of her birth on earth was to kill demon Mahishasura and another was to prevail peace and happiness on earth.

She took birth in house of a Ratnakar in south India who was great devotee of Mata, he named her Vaishnavi. Right from her birth she displayed an unending hunger for knowledge. Very soon Vaishnavi learned meditation and discovered that only penance and meditation can make her realize her greater objective. Thereafter she left the comforts of household and started tapasya in deep forest.

At the same time Lord Ram happened to visit Mata Vaishnavi during his fourteen years of exile. She immediately recognized him as the incarnation of Lord Vishu. She requested him to merge her into himself but Lord Ram told him that at the end of his exile he will visit her again and if she would be successful in recognizing him, he will fulfill her wish. At the end of his exile Lord Ram appeared as an old man in front of Vaishnavi but this time she was unable to recognize him. Knowing the truth she was distraught, Lord Ram consoled her and told her he will fulfill her wish in Kaliyug when he will take birth as Kalki. He advised Vaishnavi to open an ashram in Trikuta hills and meditate.

As directed by Lord Ram, Vaishnavi established her ashram in Trikuta Hills and very soon her fame started to spread. Baba Gorakh nath ji, a mahayogi sent Bhairo Nath who was his disciple to find out whether Mata Vaishnavi has attained higher level of spirituality. But looking at her beauty Bhairo Nath began troubling her to marry him and misbehaved. Agitated by Bhairo Nath, Vaishnavi decided to left Trikuta Hills and continue her meditation in mountains undisturbed.

Mata Vaishnavi finally reached the holy cave shrine. Bhairo Nath followed her there also and finally Mata Vaishno Devi had to kill him. She beheaded Bhairo Nath at the mouth of the cave. His severed head fell at a nearby hilltop; he immediately realized his mistake and prayed her to forgive him. Mata Vaishno Devi then gave him a boon that every preacher to Vaishno Devi temple will have to have darshan of Bhairo after having the darshan of Goddess in order to complete the yatra to the holy place.

Later, Mata Vaishno Devi left her human form and assumed the face of a rock and immersed in meditation forever. The holy cave is known as the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi ji and is revered by all.

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May 11, 2015


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