Hanuman Ji – During Mahabharata

Not only the time of Ramayana, the time of Mahabharata also was blessed by the presence of Hanuman Ji. Bhima was considered to be the brother of Lord Hanuman Ji as well, as they both were having same father, Vayu. To vanquish Bhima’s arrogance Hanuman Ji appeared as a weak and old monkey in front of him during Pandava’s exile. Roaming in forest Bhima reached a place where Hauman Ji was lying with his tail blocking the way. Unaware of his identity Bhima asked the monkey to remove his tail but Hanuman Ji refused. Enraged Bhima tried himself to move out the tail but despite of his immense strength he was unable even to shift it a bit. Soon he realized that it was no ordinary monkey but Lord Hanuman himself. He immediately apologized and requested him to demonstrate the figure he assumed when he was crossing the sea to reach Lanka. Hanuman Ji agreed and also promised to protect the Pandavas during Mahabharata.

On the battlefield of Mahabharat, the flag on Arjuna’s chariot was displaying Hanuman Ji. Earlier at Rameshwaram Hanuman Ji appeared as a small talking monkey in front of Arjuna. Arjuna was wondering why Lord Ram made that bridge to cross sea with the help of monkeys and not with Arrows. To this Hanuman Ji challenged him to build a bridge with arrows that can bear him alone. As Arjuna was not aware of his true identity, he accepted the challenge. Hanuman Ji destroyed the bridge many times. Later Lord Krishna placed his discus under the bridge to provide support to it. Hanuman Ji realized and as an act of penitence told Arjuna that he will be there during Mahabharata to support his chariot.

After the battle of Kurukshetra was over, Lord Hanuman came into his original form bowed to Lord Krishna and left the flag, flying towards sky. As soon as he and Lord Krishna left the chariot it burned into ashes. Shri Krishna explained shocked Arjuna that the chariot was standing only because of him and Hanuman Ji; otherwise it would have burnt many days ago due to the effect of celestial weapons in the war.

Hanuman Ji was also one of the four people who heard Shrimad Bhagvad Gita from Shri Krishna, rest three being Arjuna, Sanjaya and Barbarika.

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