Shani Jayanti

Shani Jayanti is solemnized to celebrate the birth anniversary of Shani Dev. Lord Shani is known to have very strong influence on people’s lives. People celebrate Shani Jayanti to stay away from bad omen. It falls on the day of Vaishakh Vadya Chaturdashi Amavasya; this year Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on 18th of May, 2015. People perform all the customs and rituals in a noble manner to observe Shani Jayanti.

Shani’s influence:

A person’s failure or success greatly depends on the placement of Shani Grah in his/her astrological chart. According to some people Shani brings bad luck and on the contrary some people believe that Shani brings good luck that comes through hard work and patience. People worship Shanidev in order to bring good luck in their lives and prevent the affect of bad omen. Fate depends on the right position of Shani Grah. To ward off the negative effect of Shani Devta, Shani Yagya is performed. Navgraha puja is also performed to please God Shani.


Shai Jayanti holds special importance for the people whose horoscopes are influenced by shani grah. To please Lord Shani special tantrik puja are organized by vamtantra sadhakas. Vamtantra Sadhakas observe fast and carry out Sunderkand Akhanda path from Shri Ramcharitmanas. Involving in activities like donation, pooja on Shani Jayanti is considered beneficial to relieve sufferings caused by direct and indirect influence of Saturn. Also old aged and physically challenged people are worshipped and served with clothes and food.


To protect oneself from various shai dosh many kinds of pooja are conducted-

  • Shani Sadhe Sati Puja
  • Shani Grah Shanti Puja
  • Pratiyog Puja
  • Yog Nivaran Puja
  • Shani Dhaiya Puja

This festival holds great importance for Hindus. On this Shani Jayanthi Offering Oil to Shani Dev can avoid all obstacles in your life and Make you successful. You can offer oil at shani Shinganapur by clicking here: . Wish that with Lord Shani’s blessings, its only success all the way for you.


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