Vat Purnima - Vat Savitri Vrat

In India there are many fast which ladies usually observes for their husbands and children. One of the fast for husband is “Vat Purnima” which is also known as “Vat Savitri Vrat”. This year it is coming on 2nd of June/2015. Purnima is the full moon day and this festival is celebrated on full moon hence it is called as “Vat Purnima”. On this day women pray for long life and happiness of their husbands and tie thread around a banyan tree (pipal tree).

This festival is more popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Southern India. According to hindu mythology, Banyan tree is the reflection of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is also believed that Brahma the creator lives in the root of banyan tree, God Vishnu in middle and God Mahesh lives in the upper part of the tree. Observing this fast fulfils all the desires of ladies.

Story associated with Vat Purnima:

In earlier times, Aswapati was a known honest and kind king. He had all matriealistic comfort of wealth and comfort. Savitri was his beautiful daughter who got married to a man named Satyawan. Though he was a prince but was on exile with his blind father Dyumatsen. Savitri was very faithful lady and used to lover her husband a lot. She left all comforts and started living in forest with his husband. One day Satyawan fell from a tree and died. Lord Yama who is the God of death came to take his soul but Savitri made all efforts and said she that she would give her life if Yama would not leave his husband’s soul. Seeing all this Yamraj returned Satyawan’s life. Since those days this fasting is observed till now.

Rituals to follow:

The festival of Vat Savitri or Vat Purnima is celebrated throughout the day. Women get up early and get ready like a proper hindu bride after taking bath in the early morning. Women wear all necessary ornaments and things necessary in Hindu brides like vermilion tilak, bangles, hair center parting etc. Women gather at near by banyan tree and tie a thread around it making a wish for their husband’s long life and prosperity. Ganjal is also offered with fruits like mango, banana and other seasonal fruits. Some women circumambulate around the tree 108 times. Priest then tell the story of Savitri to all women and give prasad which all women bring home and distribute among family members.

In this way the ceremony is completed and women seeks blessings from their husband and elderly members of the family and this is the most auspicious day to get Prasad of Mata Lakshmi Devi: . Get Prasad from Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur & Get your Family Blessed on this Vat Purnima.

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