Brahma The creator of Universe

Lord Brahma is the creator of universe and one among the three Trinity (Trimurti). He is believed to be the father of Manu from whom all human beings are descended. Holy Vedas described Brahma as the father of dharma. The term ‘Brahman’ is often confused with ‘Brahma’ but they are entirely different, Brahman is the general term used for almighty whereas Brahma is the supreme God of creation.

Birth of Brahma:

In ancient Purans Brahma is referred as the son of Brahman and was called Prajapati. According to a belief Brahma was born to Brahman and female energy Maya. When Brahman wished to create universe he first created water and then placed his seed in it. Later the seed transformed itself in to a golden egg and Brahma emerged from that egg. This is why Brahma is also known as ‘Hiranyagarbha’. There is one other legend which says that Brahma was self born from a lotus flower which came out from Lord Vishnu’s navel.

To create the universe Brahma gave birth to seven sages called ‘Saptrishis’ and 11 forefathers called as ‘Prajapati’. All of these were born from the mind of Lord Brahma hence they are called ‘Manasputras’. Brahma resides in Brahmalok which contains all the splendors of the universe. It is believed that universe exists only for a single day in Brahmalok called Brahmakalp which is equivalent to four billion years on earth. After these many years ‘Pralay’ will come and the whole universe will be destroyed.

Representation of Lord Brahma:

Unlike all other Hindu Gods, Brahma does not carry any weapon. He is represented with four heads, four arms, long white beard and pink skin. He holds a lotus flower in one hand, and a water pot in another. Rest of the two hands holds a spoon and a book of Vedas. He mounts on a lotus flower on swan and his four heads recites four different Vedas.

Lord Brahma created the Universe and is one among three Trinities (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) but still he is not revered as much as Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. There are only a handful of temples dedicated to Lord Brahma one such temple is located in Pushkar city of Rajasthan.

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