Importance of Spirituality in today’s Modern World

A spiritual person can be defined as a soul which is a part of universal domain of consciousness which in turn is a part of collective consciousness called God. Spirituality is union between self and universe and it is a level of awareness which brings joy, love, happiness, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and calm.

According to ancient Hindu texts (like sacred Vedas), spirituality can be attained by various practices some of them are listed below-


In older times Sages used to practice meditation in order to attain a higher spiritual level and bring salvation to their souls. Even in today’s life meditation has been proven helpful for a person to reduce stress, anxiety and strengthen immune system. It is a medium to connect your soul with the supreme.



Praying to one’s deity creates a positive aura around the person and considered good for overall wellbeing. If a person prays to God with full devotion and with a pure heart then it is sure that those prayers will be heard by the almighty. It is all about belief, according to a recent research conducted on some depressed individuals, those who believed that their prayers are being heard by God recovered more quickly than those who do not believe the same way.



Yoga is yet another way practiced by Hindus since ages to connect with the supreme consciousness. A yogi creates sense of union with God by breath expansions, physical postures and good conduct. It helps in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing.



Spirituality is very important in today’s modern world. There are various benefits of spirituality some of them are listed below-

  • It may help one live longer
  • Spirituality bring forgiveness which is the best medicine for any grief
  • Spiritual people often make good decisions
  • It helps in overcoming difficult times

The benefits of spirituality are endless the only thing required is belief and doing it with full dedication whichever method you acquire to attain spirituality. Above all it helps us in being a better human being.

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