Ten unknown facts of Ramayana

Almost everyone has heard about Ramayana and the story of Ram and Ravana. There are many facts which are not known by people either they are not so popular or are hidden somewhere. Entire Ramayana is an epic story which teaches us lot of things about good over bad, patience, intelligence, greatness, devotion etc. Following are some of the facts.


1. Laxman is also known as Gudakesh - It is said that Laxman did not sleep for the complete exile period of 14 years in order to protect his brother Rama and Sister in law Sita. He was granted a boon from Goddess of sleep and thus he is also known as Gudakesh.

2. Kumbhkarna advised against fighting Rama - Kumbhkarna was the huge king and younger brother of Ravana. It is believed that while performing yagana, Brahma asked him to ask for a blessing and instead of asking “Indrasan” the seat of Indra, he asked of “Nindrasan”. Kumbhkaran being of a Rakshas yoni is believed to be of good character. 

3. Ravana always wanted Moksha from Rama’s hands - According to legends Ravana always knew that he would be killed if he fight with Rama but he actually wanted this to happen. Ravana knew that only Rama can give him Moksha by killing him in the war and hence he refused to surrender in front of Rama and fought with him.

4. As per Indian mythology, there are 33 crore Gods and Goddesses. But, according to Ramayana’s Aranyakand, there exists only 33 Gods and Goddesses.

5. Jatayu did not tried to save Sita - All knows that when Sita was kidnapped by Raavan, Jatayu, the king of birds tried to save her and lost his life. However, as per Ramayana, Arun the father of Jatayu went to save her.

6. Shrupnakha cursed his brother Ravana - Shrupnakha, the sister of Ravana cursed him that she will be the reason for his brother's death. She was angry because her husband Vidyutjinn who was then senapati of Kalkay King was killed by Ravana in a battle to conquer the world.

7. Ravana once lifted Mount kaisha in order to please Lord Shiva but mata Parvati got very scared and cursed Ravana that a women will be the reason of his death.

8. Kuber was the main ruler of Lanka and Ravana and his family was very poor and cursed. Ravana was super ambitious and wanted to conquer entire world. He fought with Kuber and won Lanka.

9. Ravana was an excellent Veena player - Though Ravana was a cruel ruler, he had a different side of music lover and was an excellent player of Veena.

10. There is no mention of the famous “Laxman Rekha” in Valmiki’s Ramayana and nor in Ramcharitmanas. It is mentioned in Lanka Kand when Ravana was boasting of his strength in front of his wife Mandodari and she said that he couldn’t even cross laxman rekha.

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June 19, 2015

Fact no 11. Shri Ram never gave Vanwas to Mata SIta. It was modified by White invaders who came in India and asked our Karela’s namboodries to re-write Ramayna where Shri Ram made culprit. Shri Ram was the Maryada Purshottam. He never wanted and did so.

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