Tale of Padmini Ekadashi Vrat

Padmini Ekadashi is going to be celebrated on this Sunday, 28th June. Know the Rituals to be performed and legend associated ..

Once there lived a King Kartavirya, ruler of Tretayuga. He was very religious and people in his kingdom were very happy under his rule. In spite of having many wives he was childless, he tried everything possible to have a son. He took advice from many sages; perform many yagnas, donated a lot but nothing could help in having a son. Finally when he reached his saturation level he bestowed the command of his kingdom in the hands of his ministers and left for forest to perform penance.

Padmini, one of his wives decided to follow her husband to the forest. They reached forest and Kartavirya started penance. He performed tap for ten thousand years but all in vain. Even after these many years they their wish was not fulfilled also Kartavirya became pale and thin. This made Padmini worried so she approached Anusuya to show her a way. She explained her situation and asked for her advice.

Anusuya told Padmini that this is because of the sins of their previous birth. She advised her to observe Ekadashi Vrat that falls in the month of Adhika. She added that this vrat if observed with full dedication and pure heart will not only remove the sins committed in previous birth knowingly and unknowingly but would fetch immense punya. Padmini performed the vrat as suggested by Anusuya and pleased Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared before her and gave her a boon. She requested Lord Vishnu to appear before her husband and grant his wish.

Lord Vishnu appeared before Kartavirya and asked him to wish for anything. He asked for a son who is god fearing, pious and can be killed by Lord Vishnu himself. Lord Vishnu granted his wish and very soon Padmini gave birth to their son Kartaviryarjuna. Kartaviryarjuna was very brave and known to have defeated Ravana bare handedly. It was the power of Ekadashi vrat performed by Padmini that brought immense power to Kartaviryarjuna. Thus since then the Ekadashi Vrat that falls in the Adhika Masa is known as Padmini Ekadashi. This year Padmini Ekadashi will be on June 28th, 2015.

Onlinetemple.com wishes you a successful observance of Padmini Ekadashi Vrat.

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June 28, 2015

Very useful to this web site, those who are going to this path.

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