Shree Yantra

The most powerful, auspicious and important yantra in Hinduism is the Shree Yantra. The meaning of the word Shree is wealth and Yantra means instrument, thus Shree Yantra is the instrument which brings wealth, be it material or spiritual. Benefits of Shree Yantra are countless and it is suitable for almost everybody. This yantra is believed to be a precious source of fulfilling all wishes and attaining all worldly desires, it does so with the help of inner mental strength and cosmic energy.

The unexplained power of Shree Yantra changes the life a person for the better by removing problems in form of negative energy and replacing it with a positive energy. The person who posses this Yantra is in comparison more affluent, happy and lead a peaceful life than those who do not use this yantra.

The theory on which Shree Yantra works explains that there is cloud of negative energies that surrounds our lives and which stand in our way of achieving prosperity, peace and harmony and prevents everything to work in an orderly manner. The task of Shree Yantra is to remove this obstacle from the path of good. It is a multi pyramids geometrical grid and is available in 2 forms- 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional.

The 2 Dimensional form of this powerful Yantra is a symbol of 9 entwined isosceles triangles. The 3 D form of Shree Yantra signifies unlimited wealth and positive energy; it is in the form of multi pyramid cosmic grid set up in a 3 dimensional figure. A genuine Shree Yantra has 7 pyramid steps, 43 petals and a base angle of exact 51.5032 degrees. To have optimum results it is important to make Shree Yantra with accurate measurements. When this propitious Yantra is placed in office or at home, its mystical power glorifies the place with wealth and success. To see the maximum results, behold the Shree Yantra each morning and you will experience its effect right from the very first day.

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February 01, 2017

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