Shiva in the form of Shiva Linga

Shiva is one of the most revered deity in Hinduism. He is one of the three main Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the trio were considered to be responsible for everything in this world. Shiva is also represented in the form of “Linga” or “Lingam” representing phallus, the symbol of power. In Sanskrit, linga means “symbol” or mark and hence Lord Shiva is also worshipped in the form of Shiva Linga.

Shiva Linga is believed to that it speaks to the devotee in the language of silence. ShivaLinga is usually either Black or White in color and made in marble. Though shape varies but usually it is oval in shape. Shiva Linga represents the immense power of Lord Shiva which is believed to be guarding and guiding this universe. Linga states that creation is effected by the union of 'Prakriti' and 'Purusha,' the female and male powers of Nature. Linga also signifies 'Satya,' 'Jnana' and 'Ananta' which is Truth, knowledge and Infinity.

The 3 parts of a Shiva Linga

Shiva Linga is divided into three parts, the lowest is called the 'Brahma-Pitha,' the middle one is the 'Vishnu-Pitha' and the topmost one is the 'Shiva-Pitha'.

The Shiva Linga and Holy places of India

In India, there are 12 'Jyotir-lingas' and 5 'Pancha-bhuta Lingas'. The Jyotir-lingas which are one of the main spiritual destinations are -

  1.  Kedarnath
  2.  Kashi Vishwanath
  3.  Somnath
  4.  Baijnath
  5.  Rameswar
  6.  Ghrusneswar
  7.  Bhimshankar
  8.  Mahakal
  9.  Mallikarjun
  10.  Amaleshwar
  11.  Nageshwar
  12. Tryambakeshwar

The 5 Pancha-bhuta Lingas are -

  1. Kalahastishwar
  2. Jambukeshwar
  3. Arunachaleshwar
  4. Ekambareshwar of Kanjivaram
  5. Nataraja of Chidambaram

The Temple of Lord Mahalinga at Thiruvidaimarudur is considered as the great Shiva temple of Southern India.

Praying to Shiva Linga helps elevate the consciousness of the devotee and helps in gaining the supreme knowledge. Ram and Ravana from the well known “Ramayana” were the great devotees of Lord Shiva. Devotees also call Shiva as “Bholenath”.

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Om Namah Shivaya !!

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