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Story of Gurudruh

Monday is the most auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. Let’s recollect stories of the great Lord today and seek His blessings.

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Story of Syamantaka Gem

The story of the Syamantaka gem details how Lord Sri Krishna became a victim of false accusations. Read on to enjoy this adventurous story of the Lord.

Satrajit was one of the residents of Dwaraka during Lord Sri Krishna’s reign. He was a generous man and an ardent devotee of Surya Bhagwan (Sun God). Satrajit offered prayers to Lord Surya every day. One day, Lord Surya appeared before Satrajit and offered him the Syamantaka gem, which glows like the Sun God Himself and bestows the owner with gold coins. An awestruck Satrajit fell at the feet of Sun God and thanked Him profusely.

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Panchamukhi Hanuman

Panchamukhi Hanuman is the Virata Rupa (gigantic form) of Lord Hanuman. The word “Pancha” means five and “mukhi” means faces; hence, Lord Hanuman in this form has five faces. As per ancient Hindu texts, there are two incarnations of Panchamukhi Hanuman. In one incarnation, all the five faces are of Lord Hanuman. In the other incarnation, only one face is of Lord Hanuman and the other four faces are that of Garuda, Varaha, Narasimha and Hayagriva. Therefore, Panchamukhi Hanuman is considered to be the combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman.

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How Vrinda Became the Tulsi Plant

One day, Lord Indra, the King of Devas, realized that people were not giving him due importance and worshipped Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In a fit of rage, he tried to enter Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva, and challenge Lord Shiva to a duel. Sensing Indra’s intentions, Lord Shiva transformed Himself into a Gana and stood at the door of Kailash. He stopped Indra who did not realize who the Gana was. An angry Indra got into a fight with the Gana but soon realized that He was not a regular Gana.

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Miracles of Sai Baba

Thursday is the most auspicious day to worship Sai Baba. Let’s seek His divine blessings today by recollecting his miracles.

Sai Baba was very fond of lighting lamps in His Masjid, Dwarakamai, and other temples in the village of Shirdi every evening. For this purpose, Baba used to visit grocery shops everyday and ask for oil. In the beginning, the grocers..

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Story of Valmiki

In ancient India there lived a highway robber by name Ratnakar. He was very merciless as he had a very large family to support. At times he used to kill people if they did not part with their belongings. One day, Ratnakar climbed up a tree and was waiting for travelers to pass by. After some time, he spotted an ascetic with only a tamboora slung around his shoulder. Ratnakar thought that the ascetic had some valuables hidden in his tamboora and quickly climbed down the tree to rob the ascetic.

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Lord Ganesh and Chandradev

As per the traditional Hindu lunar calendar, it is Chandra Darshan today, the day when the moon is sighted for the first time after Amavasya. Hence, let’s recollect stories associated with Chandra Dev today.

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